MASHUP // Feels Knockout – GD & T.O.P. vs Calvin Harris

Hi again, people! I’m back at it again with a brand new mashup, Feels Knockout.

I can’t really recall how this one came to me. I think I heard Feels on an advert for one of those kid’s party song albums and thought, “I bet G-Dragon’s rap-singing would go nicely over that chord progression…”

It took a little bit of fiddling around, but I managed to match the tempos and tuning.

Since the key of Knockout was a bit ambiguous, and the song not so melody-driven, I had to start with the keys I found on searching online, then slowly adjust the pitch. I ended up changing the key of the Feels backing by a bit over half a semitone. There’s still a little feeling of the vocalists bending the notes, but it’s more comfortable to listen to than it was when I first loaded in the tracks!

Feels Knockout

I toyed with the name ‘knockout feels’ for a while since that was the first thing that popped into my head, but then I thought, duh! Feels Knockout! That actually made grammatical sense. Sometimes I’m not so clever…

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this unexpected mix! If you want to listen on my SoundCloud: GD & T.O.P. // CALVIN HARRIS MASHUP – Feels Knockout

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