NEW TRACK // Love Chip

Love Chip

The Punch is back once more!

Our new song is called Love Chip and it’s about an adorable robot learning to love (d’awwwww…). Or at least, that’s how I sound in this one!

It will be available for listens tomorrow, Saturday 1st December.

The release of this tune is part of our run-up to the epic launch of The Beginning video. We will be uploading a brand new song every Saturday until New Year’s Eve. Read a bit more about that here.

It’s important to know that the songs we will be showing you are perhaps not in their final forms. We are looking to finish our third album in the coming months, but wanted to show you what we were up to as we went rather than releasing the whole thing in a big lump.

This way we can get feedback from you guys and work towards making an even better album. So, don’t be shy to share your thoughts if you think there is something we can do to improve a track.

In other news…

Tomorrow is our first ever live performance! *flails nervously*

I will be playing an acoustic set as half of Glitter Punch in the afternoon at the Wharf Bar as part of the Walsall Music Festival.

My set will include a few covers as well as acoustic re-imaginings of GP songs – this includes some of our new material! So, if you want to get the scoop, come along – it’s a free event!

I'll be there from 12pm. Come and see me!
I’ll be there from 12pm. Come and see me!

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