Defiantly Delicate

Format: Mini Album, digital download
Released: December, 2018
Duration: 21:15


Defiantly Delicate is an electronic pop mini-album featuring six original songs.

The sound palette includes all manner of digitally generated and live instruments, some dating as far back as 2005 and recorded while Caryl was still studying her Music A’level course.

The album gets its name from a line in the second track, Bloom: “A flower blooms in the desert/Defiantly delicate.” The songs resonate with the energy of new beginnings and renewed creativity. She whispers lightly to us in Trail (Interlude) that she knows, “the way out,” and can be trusted to guide us through the rich sonic landscape of each song.

Caryl’s favourite track, Innermost, began life as a jazzy piano riff for an as yet unreleased Glitter Punch song. Over the course of several years, she crafted it into an intimate and jubilant tribute to the healing she had experienced in heart and mind since beginning treatment for her mental health.


Written and produced by Caryl Archer. Artwork and photography by Caryl Archer. Piano on The Sea performed by James Mercer.

Track Listing

1. Fragments| 4:13
2. Bloom| 4:05
3. Trail (Interlude)| 1:23
4. Haunting| 3:12
5. Innermost| 3:59
6. The Sea | 4:23


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