Fantasy Future Releases III: And in no particular order…

Last week I talked about two of the EPs I want to finish at some point in my life, but did you know I have an abundance of other releases in the works/hovering around in my brain?

I’m listing these here purely because I’m trying to make space in my brain for more pressing matters, and I want to avoid the whole brain crack scenario.

I’ve finally come to the realisation that if I keep trying to ‘perfect’ my recordings before releasing them, I’ll never get any of my songs to the ears of other listeners. If I only waited til I was convinced each track was perfect before I revealed it to the world, I would be denying the purpose of writing and releasing. I really need to be braver this time and just get things done.

In the meantime, though, I can always share with you what’s going on in my list-obsessed brain. So, here it is, the Fantasy List!

The Fantasy List

In no particular order…

Semi-Precious Sounds

A mini album consisting of six tracks written mostly around the time I started university. Themes include unrequited love and troubled friendships. Fans from my CarylCake days will no doubt enjoy this one since some of my first videos were performances of these songs.

Part of me likes the idea of having blue-ish hair…


An album of newer acoustic guitar driven tracks exploring the attributes of shyness and insecurity, as well as depression, and how they weave through relationships and everyday experiences.

A whimsical feel underpins the heavier themes.


Mini-album. An electronic experiment where I push my vocal performance into the field of rap for some tracks. Hilarity ensues. I aim to explore some sides of music which until now I had only experienced as a listener, never the creator.

Expect some attempt at a variety of electronic and urban styles.

VOX BOX artwork
Pastels and gradients and geometry! Oh, my!


EP. Some bonus tracks intended for Vox Artis which were cut due to time constraints.

One Day Soon

EP. A selection of four jazzy and piano driven tunes. Songs chosen for their style pallet rather than their subject matter.

Glorious Storyboards

Full album. This one will contain songs with a strong narrative. The title comes from a track called ‘My Friend, the Iceberg’, if that’s any indicator of the sort of tunes in the playlist… That is, playful and descriptive with a hint of melancholy.

StickerLove Consume Me

Album. This will be my Contemporary Christian magnum opus. I talked about this one very briefly about a year ago. It will include a whole host of songs ranging from some of my early efforts in 2004 to tracks penned in 2013. I hope to include a couple of dancy bonus tracks including a remix of Cry Holy.

Early Songs (x4)

A series of 4 EPs. Some of my oldest tracks recorded with my most recent music production experience. Four volumes intended for free download alongside other releases. These will be bonus material for curious fans and a side project for me to help me improve my production skills.

The album art comes from four different song books that I’d worked in from goodness knows how long ago… Would you like to know how deep the rabbit hole goes?

So that’s it, all my cards on the table, all my plans flushed out and waiting to be fleshed out.

The number of songs represented here totals just over 80. I find that number just a little overwhelming, but I have to remember I can only do one thing at a time.

What about you guys? Do you have unfinished stuff driving you round the bend?

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