NEW TRACK // Candy Rock Funk

Candy Rock Funk

I’m so excited about this track! We really went all out on this one to give you that authentic electronic disco sound, but then throwing in a few other elements to push it completely over the top.

This is the first time I’ve ever rapped on a track. It was bit scary, but Matt adored it when I first sent the sound file across, so as far as I was concerned I had done good. We also tried something new when we involved David ‘Zchek’ Becket, yes that same Zchek that made this.


He sent us a bounty of beatbox sound samples that Matt quickly added to the existing track. It definitely took the track somewhere new. It was now cheesy enough to transcend cheesiness and just become AWESOME. The proof is in how popular this one has been on Facebook! I don’t think we’ve had a tune shared quite so much in less than 24 hours.

Aren't you all so lovely? ^_^

This is encouraging. People like our new material.

I hope things continue to grow in this way…

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